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Oh I Gets It

A Place To Love And Share Happies
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All Members , Moderated
Have you a little comic on your livejournal or likewise which you are just dying to share with the rest of the world? Looking for a little feedback and exposure?

This is a place.

Here at “Oh I Gets It” we share online comics. It seems like there is a never-ending slew of them!

Before you join-


1. Every post must contain information pertaining to a new online comic. You do not have to be the author of a comic to post about it, but you should check that no-one else has posted about the same comic recently. Posting about comics that are already well-known is not the purpose of this community.

2. A post containing graphics will make use of the LJ-Cut tag. You can read about such here. If your post has a lot of text in it, this should also be placed behind an LJ-Cut tag. The idea is to keep the place looking clean, with little text on the 'surface.'

3. The text inside the LJ-cut should pertain to the content therein. If you are posting a comic, your LJ-cut should read, “comic” etcetera.

4. The subject of your entry should pertain to the content of your post. For example, if you are posting a comic, make sure the subject is the title of the comic you are sharing, so on.

5. Promoting other communities, causes or generally unrelated material is strictly prohibited. If it has nothing to do with an online comic, it is considered spam.

6. No comment spamming. Save the comment games for your own journal or risk being banned from the community.

7. No entry spamming. Post once and wait for feedback. Do not post the same comic 2 times in a row. Do not post the same comic 4 times in a week. Only once.

8. Always be respectful.

9. Hateful, homophobic, racist or otherwise needlessly offensive material is not tolerated. Don’t share it here. Do, and you will be banned.

10. If you post work of a more adult nature make certain to include a warning for younger readers.


Only contact a moderator if you feel you cannot express your message in a comment or if it is an important, pressing matter. Otherwise, the comments will always be the best way to ask and learn about things.

air_and_angels: airandangels at gmail.com
trimalynn: trimalynn at livejournal.com